Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lately I have been reflecting on my life as it sail's on by. I am beginning to recognize the reality of the present situation our world is in (pretty scary) and other times I like to retreat into the nievity of the way I WANT to see things. Seeing things as they really are. Or seeing life with an optimist's fairy tale idealism. There have been times when through life's tough experiences, I have become somewhat cynical in my outlook of 'man' kind. But then I realize just how un-fun that way of looking at life is. So, I have decided I must choose the outlook and attitude that feels best for myself. For me, it is innocent, silly, non sensical fun. Playing with my fabulously witty and intelligent children and grand kids (and brilliant fascinating relatives) or with the people I work with through the week. I am thankful I work with a bunch of 'social workers'. They are, for the most part, optimistic of life even though they deal with the negative side most of the time. I wake up every morning to my smiling puppies waiting for their morning treats. (So far I have three furry Shelties)Or on the weekends I can sleep til noon. And I know my extroadinary family is always there for when I may want to just...Play! Yes, life for me is OK. :)

(of course, all I have said previously depends on whether I have gotten a good night's rest...)


Monday, April 30, 2007

WOW...tonight on PBS Frontline/American Experience is a documentary on "The Mormons." It has not been seen by the public at this publishing. I am listening to a radio program interviewing the maker of this film. From what I am hearing, she will be representing a pretty well unbiased view of the miracle of my religious choice. If this piece of cinema is viewed by a majority of the world...I think it will generate more interest in learning more about the church than having negative results. Of course, depending on one's attitude toward the 'church' I really don't see it's content changing member's for or against the religion in their minds. I do see other leader's of religions not looking kindly on the honesty of the subject. Also, to me I find the subject fascinating being discovered and viewed by the majority of the world through this film maker's eye who took a subject they new hardly anything about and after studying and learning about the LDS conquest could see the monumental influence the church can have or has already to our world's present day situations.

Front what I am hearing from the film maker, I have alot of respect for her attempt to take on such an all encompasing project. Very interesting...I recommend it be seen by all.

Monday, April 09, 2007

A blog or not to blog? That IS the question. We shall see what the answer is as time goes by. Welcome to my inner thoughts and good luck on finding this blogspot.

I am a woman who thinks of our gender as pretty amazing. I also feel women's opinions are much deeper and profound than that of the opposite sex. We as women should be proud of our determination, patience with the others in our world and our tremendous resiliance, due to our long suffering! So onward, if I can only navigate back someday to this station. Until then, Good Night and Good Luck.